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“Four out of Five Engineering Graduates are not employable as they do not have the quintessential career skills. You can now be an exception by acquiring job ready skills in the core areas such as Contracts Management, Project Management and Interpersonal Skills”.

ADROIT imparts training of International standards to Entry Level Engineers, Corporate Clients and Engineers employed in the construction Industry on the following key areas
A. Effective Contract Administration (ECA) - Foundation Level

This is a 12 Hours training module with an option to skip and attend Levels 1 & 2 training together in the FCCA Module.
It provides holistic knowledge to the delegates in order to introduce them to the basics of Contract Administration and FIDIC contracts. This course is suitable for Fresh Engineering Graduates to the Construction/ Contract Management careers. Also Engineers, Project Managers,Quantity surveyors, Planners, Designers and Company Executives could avail on the hands experience on Contract Management from this Foundation Course.

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Topic:Effective Contract Administration (ECA) - Foundation Level

B. FIDIC Contracts Management and Claims Administration (FCCA) – Advanced Level

This is a 25 Hours training module with an option of attending only 15 Hrs if Foundation course is already completed.

FCCA providesIndustry specific education/training to the delegates on the Best Practices in dealing with

  • Variations,
  • Preparation of claims,
  • Extension of Time and Prolongation,
  • Project Cost Control,
  • Dispute Resolution and ,
  • Drafting Contracts/Subcontracts of International standards
C. Soft Skill Development for The Engineers

It is utmost important for the Engineers to communicate/correspond professionally in order to enhance their career prospects. This module is designed in such a way to inculcate the current Industry practices on the following skills

  • Strong interpersonal relations
  • Communication skills
  • Contractual correspondence
  • Negotiation skills


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